Time for Plan B? Russian Deputy Prime Minister openly mocks ‘Comrade’ Obama’s Cold War-style sanctions

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Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister has openly mocked Barack Obama after the U.S. President announced the toughest Western sanctions against Russia since the Cold War.

After Crimea’s declaration of independence Monday from Ukraine, Washington and the European Union retaliated with asset freezes and travel bans and Obama vowing to “increase the cost” if the Kremlin does not back down.

Ukraine’s turmoil has become Europe’s most severe security crisis in years and tensions have been high since Russian troops seized control of Crimea, a strategic Black Sea peninsula that has now decided to merge with Russia. Russian troops are also massed near the border with Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s acting president raised tensions on the ground by calling for the activation of some 20,000 military reservists and volunteers across the country and for the mobilization of another 20,000 in the recently formed national guard.


In the Crimean capital…

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Parodying Putin’s Pretext (Post I wish I had written)

Matter Of Facts

The Crimea today, DC tomorrow!? The Crimea today, DC tomorrow!?

Christian Caryl writes to Vladimir Putin (with tongue firmly in cheek) to try and avail himself of the doctrine the president has propounded to justify the invasion of Crimea. If Russia can intervene anywhere to protect Russian speakers from any threat, however, negligible; Caryl wonders if the Putin might consider intervening to protect the Russophone population of his native Washington DC from an English speaking population that is “starting to get a bit uppity”?

It so happens that I speak your language. I started studying Russian in high school, and I’ve been studying it for years since then. Maybe I’m not entirely fluent, but I know enough to follow the news.

Which is why I was so thrilled to read the Kremlin’s statement about your March 1 phone call with President Obama: “Vladimir Putin stressed that in case of any further spread of violence to…

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